Independent Living skills Program

The Keystone Adolescent Center Independent Living Skills Program provides service for adolescents and young adults in the Mercer County Area who would be deemed appropriate for learning “Life Skills.”  These young men and/or women will be preparing to live independently upon discharge from the program.

The Independent Living Skills Program will be individualized to meet the needs of each individual client.  During groups and activities in the community, staff will encourage clients to develop appropriate social skills.  Clients will be learning a large array of life skills.  There will be writing assignments, quizzes, presentations, worksheets, and hands on practice to ensure they are learning the necessary skills.  Clients will also be individually counseled at their homes.  During this time, clients will be encouraged to discuss any problems that they need to discuss.  Also, staff will be able to work one-on-one with clients on specific life skills that they may be lacking in.  Staff will also keep in contact with clients, parents/guardians, school, and place of employment to ensure clients are accomplishing goals and objectives in these areas.

Admission Evaluation

Candidates will be males/females primarily between the ages of 16 - 21 who are appropriate for learning independent living skills referred by the Mercer County Children & Youth Services.  Youth who do not have family/resources to promote independence compromise the target population.

Orientation & Testing

Upon admission to the Life Skills Program, clients will be familiarized with the program, as well as, program expectation.  Clients will complete the intake process and be given the Daniel Memorial Test to access their knowledge of life skills.  After this is completed, staff will assist clients in developing goals and objectives to be met while in the program.


To help develop basic life skills to enable the client to live independently upon discharge from the program.  Every client will have an Individual Service Plan with goals & objectives they will be striving to meet, as well as, hands on and/or individual /group experiences in:

Money Management/Consumer Awareness            Job Seeking Skills   

Transportation                                                        Personal Appearance

Housekeeping                                                          Resources

Interpersonal Skills                                                 Education Planning

Housing                                                                   Emergency & Safety Skills

Food Management                                                  Legal Skills

Health                                                                     Knowledge of Community