Dean Yake

Foster Care Program Coordinator


Phone: 724-588-2520 ext.1310


Jackie Palm

Foster Care Program Assistant Coordinator


Phone: 724-588-2520 ext.1302


Keystone Adolescent Center Foster Care Program provides a community based family service delivery system that assists referred children, youth and their families. Recognizing that we frequently receive children and youth after intensive efforts to maintain the family unit have been exhausted, and that other resources for placement have been explored, we have created a program to provide safe family care while concurrent planning efforts proceed.


         The general objectives of this program include but are not limited to the following:       

  • The protection of individual and family rights to basic human entitlements such as physical safety and security, survival needs and growth needs. The child’s physical and emotional safety is assessed during weekly visits. This weekly information will be presented in monthly documentation to the contracting county.

  • The establishment of quality Individual Service Plans, focusing on that child’s needs, with input from the child, family, placing agency worker and staff.

  • A structured and disciplined environment that provides support to the child and the foster family to encourage responsible actions by all participating parties.

  • Weekly monitoring of each family and individual referred, focusing on placement goals and objectives.

  • The recognition of the integrity of each individual and his/her biological family.

  • The identification and utilization of community resources to facilitate reunification of the family unit and assure continued support of the family.

  • All referrals will be provided with a consistent, quality service.


Keystone Adolescent Center, Inc. Foster Care Program has been designed to respond to the broad spectrum of individual needs presented by the child.  Children who have completed a residential placement and who have shown an ability to function in a community setting will be serviced.  Children with serious mental health issues will receive intense case planning and resources before admittance. The actual length of placement is determined by the court based on the success of the biological family in meeting specific goals.  Every effort is made to place children in a positive environment to reduce a need for multiple placements.

Each aspect of our service system reflects our growing body of knowledge and experience in working with youth by out of family placement.  Current Program components include:

Foster Care:  Specially trained families offer parenting services to accomplish the placement goals.  Families go through an extensive evaluation process before being eligible for a child. The ability, values and nature of interest of the resource family are important for a successful placement.  Educational and vocational needs of the youth will be reviewed in an effort to have minimal disruption to the current educational placement.

Respite Care: Designated homes that have been selected on the basis of family strengths, safety, family preference, and housing capacity to accept youth on very short notice.

Services Provided

  • Individual Guidance: Youth in the Foster Care Program with a goal other than adoption are seen on a weekly basis unless otherwise indicated in the service plan.

  • In-service Training for Resource Families: New Foster Families go through an orientation specific to Keystone Adolescent Center Policies as well as the Child Welfare System. Foster Families are required to participate in community sponsored and/or agency trainings that are held throughout the year.

24-Hour Emergency Call 

A 24-hour emergency number is provided to all Foster Families, children, biological families and referring agencies.  An on-call Case Manager and an Administrator are available on a 24-hour basis.

Family Therapy

When family therapy is a part of our Individual Service Plan, we utilize the community program that best meets the needs of the family.  By initiating contact with community resources, we acquaint the family and child with services available in their community that can be continued after placement.


Keystone Adolescent Center, Inc. Foster Care Program provides services to children, youth and families with referrals coming from county Children and Youth Agencies and Juvenile Probation Departments.  The age range is from birth until 21years of age.  Custody for all youth in the program has been awarded to the county agency by the court.  Acceptance of children in our program is based upon our ability to pair a child with a Resource Family that will safely accomplish the Family Service Plan and placement goals.

Discharge is planned according to criteria in the Family Service Plan and the Individual Service Plan.  Unplanned discharges are handled on a case-by-case basis depending upon needs and circumstances of the youth and family.

Service Delivery Model

Keystone Adolescent Center Foster Care staff communicate frequently with the families and the child.  These face to face meetings will be conducted at minimum once per week to discuss adjustment, monitor behavior, access safety and develop plans to manage any problems which may arise. The frequency of the visits is dependent on the safety assessment and the adjustment of the child and the family.  The County Case Worker/Probation Officer is informed of any changes, progress or lack of progress as events occur.  Meetings involving the whole support team are conducted during the development of the Individual Service Plan and thereafter when necessary.